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The Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program (PCF) offers master and doctoral courses aimed at teaching and research in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The quality and interdisciplinary of the Program are based on the excellent scientific and academic training of their professors and researchers.
Considering the area of concentration " Biologically Active Products of Natural and Synthetic origin", the Program has two lines of research (Pharmacology of Natural Products; Phytochemistry, Quality Control and Technology of Phytomedicines), providing research opportunities in: (i) Phytochemical; (ii) Pharmacology; (iii) Microbiology; (iv) Biotechnology; (v) Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology.
PCF is committed with the study and research in development and production of medicines, enabling the biological and chemical evaluation of natural and synthetic products, characterization of macromolecules, fundamental processes in physichochemistry, the development and evaluation of active agents and drugs, cosmetics and pharmaceutical processes, quality control, biopharmacy, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and evaluation of the effectiveness of medicines and cosmetics.
Thus, the Program provides to the graduate student the involvement in academic activities and research, enabling to follow the academic and/or research careers in different fields of knowledge in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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